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We believe in going beyond the code to create solutions that meet your needs. Our focus is not just on writing code, but on solving problems and delivering innovative solutions. We understand that each business has unique challenges and requirements, and we take the time to listen and craft solutions that work for you. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we offer more than just code - we offer a partnership for your business growth.

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Effective Solutions to Power Your Business

We offer a range of digital solutions to help your business succeed online.

Web Development & Hosting
We can design and develop a custom website tailored to your specific needs. We will work with you to create a website that reflects your brand, engages your audience, and drives conversions.
Automation Solutions
We can help automate your workflow and increase efficiency through custom software development. Our team of experts can develop solutions that streamline your business processes, saving you time and money.
Landing Page Development
Our Landing Page Development service focuses on creating captivating and optimized landing pages that drive results for your business.
Website Maintenance
Already have a website? Our Website Maintenance service ensures that your website remains in peak condition, providing a seamless user experience for your visitors. We offer comprehensive maintenance solutions, including regular updates, security checks, and bug fixes, to keep your website secure, optimized, and running smoothly.

Chris was easy to work with and super talented. He built a fantastic site and helped trouble shoot issues that came up along the way. Look forward to working together on future projects.

Christine Coombes
Liquid Creative Studio

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Powerful Features to Simplify Your Lead Generation Process and Save Time

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MERN Stack with

ChrisLikesCode LLC developed HermesKore as a B2B lead generation platform. The platform is hosted on Digital Ocean using a Linux operating system. The full-stack MERN application was built to help businesses generate leads and grow their customer base.

By using Node as an API server using Express, we were able to create a scalable backend system that can handle a large number of requests from businesses. Additionally, the use of custom MongoDB helped to store lead data and other business-related information securely.

The user interface was developed using Tailwind CSS, which made it easy for businesses to navigate and find relevant leads. User authentication was implemented to ensure that the platform remained secure and all business-related data was kept confidential.

Overall, the HermesKore platform provides businesses with an efficient and effective way to generate leads and grow their customer base. With its use of cutting-edge technologies and secure architecture, the platform offers a user-friendly and scalable solution to B2B lead generation.

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Case study

CRM Automation with ExorHoldings

Exorholdings approached me with a time-consuming problem. They were spending too much time manually creating contracts for their clients in their CRM, Podio. This was affecting their ability to scale their business and causing delays. To solve this problem, I created a custom Node API server that would automate the contract creation process for Exorholdings.

In addition to automating contract creation, we also created a custom landing page that allowed clients to sign their contracts digitally. The automation integrated Podio with HelloSign, a digital signature platform, to make this process seamless. This further reduced the time and effort required to create contracts and allowed clients to sign contracts easily from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of this automation were significant. By automating the contract creation process and adding a digital signature solution, Exorholdings was able to save time, reduce errors, and improve the client experience. The custom landing page also helped to improve the company's brand and image. Overall, the automation solution was a great success. The integration of Podio with HelloSign and the creation of a custom landing page helped Exorholdings to streamline its contract creation process and provide a better client experience.

Wordpress, Node.js & Podio

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